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Welcome to Tradesecrets. Thanks for visiting our site! You probably want to know what we're all about. Take your time, look around and see what we do.

Let me give you some perspective on our business.... We want you to learn to trade stocks, stock options and ETFs to build wealth by observing and acting on our stock selections.  Our picks are intended for aspiring investors and traders (from no experience to expert-level investors). The Tradesecrets weekly stock / options picks teach you a patterned system that will help you build wealth and establish lifelong skills with a community of like-minded people.

We are Tradesecrets LLC, incorporated in the State of Colorado. We called it Tradesecrets because we do indeed have a secret, a pattern, a proven method to help you build wealth through trading stocks (either day trading, swing trading or buy and hold). Our pattern works over all time frames, so all investors and traders will benefit greatly from our one day seminar.

We will teach you how to TRADE THE PATTERN to build your wealth, establish another income stream and use those skills and that wealth to help others in the process.   Oftentimes, the best way to learn this pattern is to see for yourself during our two month free pick offer.

Why Have So Many Experts Endorsed Our Picks?

From top traders, to investors, to analysts, Tradesecrets LLC has recognized and thoroughly tested a "pattern" from which to build trading success at an 82% success rate over 20 years of investing. This trading success leads to significant wealth building opportunities. After 20 years of trading and testing, what do these experts see in Tradesecrets that leads to such great success:

1. Have a PATTERN to trade
2. The discipline to follow your PATTERN
3. The mental fortitude to accept the fact that losses are part of the game
4. Plus the mental fortitude to accept huge gains (This only seems like an easy one; most long-time traders say it's one of the hardest.)
5. Practice, practice, and then practice some more (through our Stock Picks Service, you will get PLENTY of practice seeing our pattern and acting on it in the stock market).

These five crucial qualities described happen to be the basic tenants of Barry's trading method. Whether a portfolio "buy and hold" investor, a short-term or even day trader, our pattern is based on the algorithm that Big Banks use to record amazing success. Take the first step in becoming a successful trader by subscribing to our picks! To order by phone, call Carrie at 410.603.4224! OR, click on Subscribe NOW below.

What will I learn from the Tradesecrets Picks?

Learn How to Trade from a Successful, 20-Year Market Veteran

Join 20 Year Trading Expert Barry Scarbrough and TRADE THE PATTERN  by watching his picks succeed week after week.

Who will YOU trust to teach you to trade your own account? Someone with fast-money promises and a fly-by-night record? Or, someone with a proven record of success in up, down and sideways markets?

Learn Barry Scarbrough's Exclusive TRADE THE PATTERN method and put yourself on a path to trading success. No trading experience, NO PROBLEM. This is the easiest method you will ever learn. We just need a few hours of your time to help you get started. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but a trading method to build sustainable wealth over time.

As a student of our picks, you will:

• Learn to identify and execute Scarbrough's high-probability (82%+) TRADE THE PATTERN setups
• Develop the discipline necessary to succeed in the world of trading (this is not a get rich quick scheme)
• Learn what it means to trade within your capital
• See how to apply Barry Scarbrough's pattern, across multiple time frames
• Gain access to the same tools Barry uses on a daily basis
• And more!


Update 02.11.14 - Well folks, you did it again. TRADE THE PATTERN. No one was talking about CAT a few weeks ago. WE WERE. You bought likely around $92 / share as noted in our alert. Our first target was $97. It is almost there today. That is over 5% in a few weeks. Another win!

Take profits or trail the stock at your discretion. That is 19/22. GREAT work. SPWR remains on the books and looks good. FYI, use caution in these markets, as they are up big in the last 4 days.


Update - 10.23.13 - Holy Smoke! Well, we have a solid pattern! NSC is over $6 / share higher than when we recommended it just Monday night. Either take your profits or trail to $89. On a move of this magnitude today in a railroad, I would keep stops up high and preserve this nice move! We are 6/6 for the last few months. Great work.


Update - 9.19.13 - Made $1,578 on FDX today! Pattern worked again. Bought 300 FDX at $110.74 on September 17th and just sold at $116 for nice profit! Send us an e-mail if you want the Fidelity documentation!


Update - 7.25.13 - Made $2,012 on BIDU leap call today! Pattern worked again. Bought BIDU130921C100 at $968 in January and just sold today at $2,980 for big profit! Send us an e-mail if you want the Fidelity documentation!


No longer can you trust a pension check or just one source of income. Check out the article below -

WASHINGTON (AP) — "Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream. CDs are no longer creating a real nest egg for Americans."

Learn how to RUN YOUR OWN BUSINESS NOW and make good money! The independence and income is worth your time with us!
Tradesecrets LLC's vision is to help the average investor to grow their investments through trading the stock market on one basic pattern. To ingrain and entertain, and train this pattern, so the investor learns to become a self-sufficient trader and make money!


Our expectation is to become not only a trading education firm, establishing investors with the immediate skills to make strong incomes, but also to motivate, entertain and coach our participants towards rewarding life skills. We are going to have some serious fun!

Tradesecrets commitment to community:

We will donate 10% of all profits to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, as Christ has asked us to do on his behalf. We will make these contributions public to attendees as requested and will NEVER misuse your trust in us. Visit Please!
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